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click on the symbol for desired service to purchase!

Snapshot Reading:

This is either a One Card or One Stone pull. (used for Daily Advice or Quick Answer to a Specific Question) ...Snapshot Tarot or Rune Pull is $10 (15min session)

Full Reading:

Intense and Extensive Reading with anywhere from 3 to 18 cards or Runes! Can cover many subjects,problems,and perspectives. This tab is also to be used to schedule a Palm Read! ..Full Reading Cost is $40/hr

Energy Work:

In need of some Reiki Healing Energies? Have questions or concerns about Basic Spell Work? Interested in Crystals,Herbs,Crystal Grids,Orgonite, or other metaphysical use items? Inquire here! (Prices for Spell Casting or Grid Work are case by case upon inquiry!) REIKI SESSION IS $40

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