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What is Divination?

To me, Divination is an attempt to Gain Insight into events,people,place,or things by actively looking into the Probability Fields of Existence! It does not guarantee a change by knowing,but merely shows the course of events as travelled by present course! What Will Be,Will Be! No Divination can ever change that fact! No Evil,No Smoke and Mirrors,Just Focus and Facts of what each card says to the Interpreter! Namaste


My Story: In a nutshell, my story is no different from any other Spirit! I AM merely on a Journey thru Life and its Experiences and only wish to share with my fellow Beings of Light and Love! I have Love for All and only wish to Honor Spirit by Being Myself! I do not profess to have any extra Gifts or Abilities over others and can only Reveal what is shown to me and share the most Energy I have to give! Ase

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